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In the last two to three decades after liberalization, the face of India has changed beyond recognition. The tag of a developing country or a third world country doesn’t suit us anymore. India is now able to compete well against any other economic powerhouse of the world. One of the biggest symbols of this change in India’s economic status is that prosperity is now no longer restricted to the four metro cities or to the biggest ten cities only. A large number of second tier cities have come to the forefront fuelled by frenetic commercial activity and a population that is no longer willing to accept the label of small town guy.

One such Indian city is Indore. From being a historical capital of the Holkars a few centuries ago, it had languished at yet another dirty and dusty small town for several decades since independence. But not any longer. Indore boasts of a young and ambitious population which knows what it wants. This has changed the financial management strategies of Indore’s citizens as well. They are more than willing to aggressively pursue their goals by taking loans when needed, whether it be a new house car, or a foreign vacation.

The banks have taken note of this change in the profile of the city and are lining up to offer various loan products to support the aspirational lifestyle of the average citizen of Indore. The personal loan is one such product, and is being lapped up because of its convenience of no security required. The repayment capacity of the borrower is the primary consideration in deciding the loan amount, although past history in repayment of loans is also taken into account.

The borrowers can easily use a personal loan app in indore to apply conveniently for an instant personal cash loan in indore. This means the complete loan cycle starting from the submission of application to the disbursement of loan can be completed in the matter of a few days. The borrower can also get timely alerts on the app for special personal loan offers that he or she might become eligible for.

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