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Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It used to be the seat of the Rajput royal dynasties for several years but it also showcases amazing examples of Mughal architecture and history, making it one of the most sought after destinations for both Indians and foreigners. Although Jaipur owes a lot of its economic prosperity to tourism, it is also true that the native Marwaris of Rajasthan are very enterprising businessmen. They have fuelled economic activity in every corner of India, so it comes as no surprise that their home state of Rajasthan also is a very prosperous region.

In order to service the financial needs of the people of Jaipur and also the visitors to this city, all banks have establishes several branches in this city. These branches offer a bouquet of deposit and loan products to their clients. In the loan portfolio, one of the very popular products is the personal loan.

A personal loan is a loan which doesn’t require any collateral to be submitted by the borrower. Because there is no security for the lender to fall back upon in case of a default, therefore the lender charges a high rate of interest on this kind of loan. Even though, customers of banks lap up these loans because they are convenient. No end-use details have to be provided to the lender for the loan amount disbursed. Also, the paperwork involved is lesser because there is no valuation of the property to be done and no encumbrances to be checked.

In earlier times, any loan used to involve multiple visits to the branches of the banks. But not any longer. Banks are lining up to offer all kinds of loans, including personal loans. If a client wishes to apply in the traditional way, they would send an executive home who would help with the documentation. In case the applicant is more technologically adept, the bank provides the option of applying online for an instant personal cash loan in Jaipur. The applicant could also install the personal loan app in Jaipur on his or her phone and apply even more conveniently.

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