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Some cities are always destined to survive and thrive in the shadow of bigger and busier cities. Mysuru will always remain a poor cousin to Bengaluru, and Noida and Gurugram will always be hyphenated with Delhi. Pune is one such city whose name has always been taken in the same breath as Mumbai. But over the years, Pune has grown out of the shadows of its elder cousin and come into its own as an attractive city for everyone to stay and work in.

Pune is a city which has renowned and respected education institutions in every stream of study. That is why it attracts students from all over the country. The welcoming and laid back nature of the people of Pune make it a very attractive city for young and old alike. Over the last decade or so, almost all major IT companies of India and from overseas have set up large offices at Pune and this city is now one of the 5 biggest IT hubs of the country. Its proximity to India’s commercial capital Mumbai also means that there are a large number of self-employed businessmen and start up owners in Pune.

These reasons have made Pune one of the cities with a high per capita income and a good quality of life. Banks have taken advantage of this to offer all their products to citizens of Pune. One of the banking products most talked about is the personal loan. It is an unsecured loan which the bank gives to a borrower based on the repayment capacity and past loan record. Because there is no collateral involved, the rate of interest is usually higher.

The borrower who wants to take an instant personal cash loan in pune need not make endless trips to the bank branches, nor does he have to get buried under a ton of paperwork. He or she can take advantage of the personal loan app in pune to apply for a personal loan from the comfort of his or her home using the app downloaded on a smartphone. The approval or rejection is also informed to the borrower within a couple of days.

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